Demonstration Plant

Wildfire Energy is developing the world's first MIHG commercial demonstration project in Queensland, Australia.

The objectives of the commercial demonstration project are:

  • verify the performance of MIHG at scale

  • demonstrate the production of clean syngas

  • produce electricity using gas engines into the electricity grid

The demonstration project will be developed in stages and expanded into a continuous commercial operation. The project will be used to optimise the MIHG technology platform for future plants.

 Stage 1

The initial stage will include a single MIHG reactor, a gas clean up unit and up to 400 kWe of gas engine capacity. The facility would be able to process up to 7,500 tpa of waste feedstock.

 Stage 2

The facility would be expanded by adding a second MIHG reactor, enabling continous operations to be undertaken. The facility would then be able to process up to 15,000 tpa of waste feedstock.