Our Solution

Moving  Injection Horizontal Gasification


(Patent Pending) 

Key Benefits

  • Simple, reliable, low cost

  • Suitable for a wide range of variable feedstocks with no preparation required

  • Unique configuration avoids many problems faced by conventional gasifiers


The Problem


How it Works

MIHG Reactor

  • Feedstock is loaded

  • Reactor is closed

  • Feedstock is ignited

  • Air injection point is slowly retracted to gasify the fuel

  • Reactor is opened and reloaded

Gas Cleanup

  • Raw syngas is cleaned using proven technology

  • By-products are recycled to MIHG reactor

Gas Engine

  • Clean syngas is converted to power using proven gas engine technology

  • Renewable baseload power is supplied to customer or grid

  • Optional cogeneration of heat and power or production of hydrogen and biofuels

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