The Problem



Non-recyclable solid waste is being landfilled at an ever increasing rate causing pollution and contributing 5% of global carbon emissions  




Incineration technology is not suitable for smaller scale distributed projects or for production of hydrogen  

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The transition to net zero will require huge amounts of renewable electricity and green hydrogen to replace existing fossil fuels  

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Our Solution

Moving  Injection Horizontal Gasification
(Patent Protected) 




Key Benefits

  • Simple, reliable, low cost

  • Suitable for a wide range of variable feedstocks with no preparation required

  • Unique configuration avoids many problems faced by conventional gasifiers


How it Works

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MIHG Reactor

  • Feedstock is loaded

  • Reactor is closed

  • Feedstock is ignited

  • Oxygen injection point is slowly moved to gasify the fuel

  • Reactor is opened to remove inert slag and reload feedstock

Gas Cleanup

  • Raw syngas is cleaned using proven technology

  • By-products are recycled to MIHG reactor

Final Product

  • Clean syngas is converted to power using proven gas engine technology, or

  • Hydrogen is separated and purified using proven technology for use in fuel cell vehicles or industry

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Carbon negative

The MIHG process delivers negative net greenhouse gas emissions when processing general wastes destined for landfill.

Renewable energy

The MIHG process produces renewable energy products such as electricity, hydrogen, syngas and biofuels/chemicals.

Reduced landfilling

The MIHG process reduces the quantity of waste sent to landfill.

Circular economy

The MIHG process can be integrated with material recovery facilities to increase waste recycling and transition to a more circular economy.


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