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 Project Proton

Wildfire Energy is developing Project Proton which will be the world's first MIHG based commercial project. The project will form a waste to hydrogen hub in South East Queensland, Australia.

Project Proton is being developed in phases. 

Phase One

Phase One will be a commercial demonstration project, designed to:

  • verify the performance of MIHG at scale

  • demonstrate the production of clean syngas

  • produce hydrogen for use in fuel cell vehicles

  • produce electricity using gas engines into the electricity grid

The capacity of the Phase One project is currently being determined based on customer demand. It is expected that the project will process between 10,000 and 20,000 tonnes per annum of wastes into up to 400 tpa of hydrogen and up to 2 MWe (gross) of electricity with additional heat being used by industrial users to replace fossil fuels. 

The project will be used to optimise the MIHG technology platform for future plants.

 Phase Two

The facility would be expanded into a fully commercial plant processing at least 30,000 tpa of waste into a combination of electricity, heat and hydrogen. 

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