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Local Councils

Local councils and municipalities are usually responsible for the collection and disposal of domestic and general wastes. Landfill air space is often at a premium and there is a strong desire to delay the need for new landfills, which are expensive to build.  The MIHG technology offers a flexible and scalable solution for reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill and converting them into energy products.

For local councils

Private Waste Operators

Waste operators can benefit from the MIHG technology by reducing waste disposal costs, avoid landfill levies and extend the life of their own landfills.  The power produced from a MIHG installation can be used to power site equipment, thereby reducing electricity bills. The MIHG's flexibility to handle a wide range of wastes means minimal waste handling and pre-treatment. 


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For private waste operators

General Industry

Many industries generate waste which could be suitable for the MIHG technology. Some of these include:

  • agricultural wastes from farming operations such as piggeries

  • mixed wastes from large scale manufacturing

  • automotive shredder residuals from metals recycling

  • residuals from recyling and composting operations


In addition, the MIHG technology can be used to reduce energy costs, by supplying electricity and/or renewable syngas behind the meter to offset the costs of retail power and natural gas/LPG supplies.

For general industry
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