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Co-generation refers to the production of multiple products, in particular to the simultaneous production of electricity and steam or hot water. Co-generation applications have high thermal efficiency and superior economic returns as all of the energy generated from the waste is utilised efficiently.


Applications of co-generation using the MIHG technology exist across a range of industrial processes, especially where significant amounts of electricity are being consumed together with natural gas or LPG for heat production.  Examples include general manufacturing, feed mills, small scale industrial furnaces and the like.

 Feed Mill

Wildfire Energy has worked with a major agricultural company and an industry body to assess the opportunity of using the MIHG process to provide electricity and steam for a feed mill producing grain for piggeries. The figure below shows a high level illustration of how the MIHG system would be integrated with the feed mill.



Adding the MIHG system reduces the need to buy electricity from the grid and reduces the demand for natural gas. Overall, the project payback period can be around 3 years or less depending on various site specific factors.

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