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Pilot Plant

Wildfire Energy has built a pilot plant of the MIHG process with an instantaneous feedstock capacity of 1 tpd. The pilot plant has the following features:

  • Oxidant supply system

  • MIHG reactor

  • Gas clean up including electrostatic precipitator (ESP), gas blower, gas cooler and adsorbent bed

  • Real time measurement, monitoring and control systems


Wildfire Energy has used the pilot plant to test the performance of a wide range of potential feedstocks, optimise our reactor design and validate our operational procedures.


The pilot plant has proven the MIHG concept and achieved the following:

  • Consistent syngas quality and flow rate from the moving injection concept

  • Design gas heating value and flow rate

  • Successful gasification over more than 90 separate runs on a diverse range of feedstocks

  • Production of syngas suitable for use in gas engines or hydrogen production

In 2023 Wildfire Energy upgraded the pilot plant with the following features:

  • New 2nd Generation MIHG Reactor 

  • Gas engine to produce electricity

  • Syngas compression and pressure swing adsorption unit to produce purified hydrogen

  • Fully automated process control

The upgraded pilot plant is a replica of the commercial MIHG plant design at pilot scale.

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