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Field-erected MIHG Plants

Field-erected MIHG reactors are built on site using a low-cost concrete construction method.  The plants can be designed to have an annual processing capacity of between 15 and 60 ktpa with two MIHG reactors.  Larger project capacities are accommodated by adding additional reactors/processing trains.

Field-erected plants are suitable for permanent installations and can be configured to produce electricity, renewable syngas and/or hydrogen. In the future biofuels and chemicals are also possible. The table below shows indicative production capacities for MIHG plants processing between 15 and 120 ktpa of waste feedstock. 


 2 MWe MIHG Plant

Wildfire Energy has developed the design for a 50 tpd, 15 ktpa MIHG plant producing up to 2 MWe (about 1.7 MWe net export) into the electricity grid. Illustrations of the plant are shown below.

Stick built 1.jpg
Stick built 3.jpg


See the video below for a fly-though of the 15 ktpa, 2 MWe field-erected MIHG plant.

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