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Wildfire Energy wins World Hydrogen Leaders Lightning Tech Talk

Wildfire Energy is please to announce that we recently won the World Hydrogen Lightning Tech Talk on the World Hydrogen Leaders website. Denis Doucet our CTO delivered the talk which outlines how Wildfire Energy's MIHG technology can deliver low-cost, carbon negative hydrogen for a range of use case applications.

The tech talk is available below:

World Hydrogen Leaders (WHL) was launched in 2020 by green energy veteran Green Power Global, as the go-to knowledge & networking resource for executives and professionals. WHL already has over 800 members across the entire hydrogen value chain, who trust us as a source of industry intelligence. As a prize for winning the competition, Wildfire Energy will be joining the World Hydrogen Leaders platform.

Wildfire thanks World Hydrogen Leaders for this initiative and we look forward to collaborating with them and their users in the future. Further details on the win can be found below:


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