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Wildfire selected as finalist in Hitachi's global circular economy challenge

Wildfire is pleased to announce that it has been selected as a finalist in Hitachi's innovation challenge for the circular economy. Wildfire's MIHG waste to hydrogen technology has been selected for the challenge theme of creating a "zero waste society". See here.

Over the past month, Wildfire has been working with mentors from Hitachi's corporate venture team and the water and environment business unit based in Japan. Wildfire's MIHG waste to hydrogen technology has been identified by Hitachi as meeting the core selection criteria of: addressing a real market need, being innovative, having a high social impact, being practical to implement and with the potential to create a strong customer base.

Hitachi's model for a circular economy and turning waste into value.

Wildfire will be pitching the MIHG waste to hydrogen technology to Hitachi's leadership team at the final event to be held on Tuesday 23rd March 2021. This may lead to collaboration with Hitachi in the future.

Wildfire's MIHG solution for a circular economy.

About Hitachi:

Hitachi, Ltd was founded in 1910 in Japan and originally manufactured and sold a five horsepower electric motor. The company has been growing for over 100 years to become what we know today. Hitachi’s goal is to create innovations that will help solve societal challenges with the help of its global partners (Called “Social Innovation Business”).


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